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Bonache Hot Sauces

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The world has provided us with plenty of pragmatic philosophers. Both Joseph Margolis, who claimed reality is cognitively intransparent, and Susan Haack, with her theories of foundherentism, have earned their stripes. Yet, few would dispute that Baloo is the Nestor of the discipline. In his The Bare Necessities, he posits that the foundation of a fulfilling life is the basics. Here at To The Landing™, that distills down to hot sauces, which, in all their simplicity, can elevate even the most pedestrian meal to something exotic.

The four sauces
Bonache is based in Ballard, where they produce our go-to hot sauces. The Belize-inspired Habanero is our standby, with a kick that is more playful than painful. The habanero moniker will scare some through sheer name-association, but Bonache uses the pepper sparingly – the zest is more pronounced than the heat. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t for the faintest of heart, but the flavors are well balanced, and suited for those whose baseline is a step above mild.

Higher on the punishment list is the Socorro, Bonache’s second hottest sauce. It, too, is tangy, but decidedly more pepper-forward. A gentle undercurrent of sweetness eases the burn ever so slightly.

Both sauces are built on similar bases – interestingly, Habanero uses carrots whereas Socorro uses radishes – with the Habanero being the more versatile one. Its zestiness vs. its cousin’s peppery edge makes it a sauce most every spice head and their friends can agree on.

Flanking those two sauces, you also have the mild Hatch and the burning Piri. I have not yet had the chance to enjoy the latter, but the former, while somewhat bland, represents the famed pepper’s more earthy flavors well.

Something for everyone, in other words. Bonache’s sauces do a good job of adding a pinch or two of heat and zest to any dish. I recommend them for tacos which flavor profiles can be altered greatly depending on the sauce which they are topped with.

Bonache can be found in most local grocery stores, or you can purchase their products from their website. The 4 Pack is the way to go for those who aren’t afraid of some experimentation.

- Remi,