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Drip Coffee Perfection

: Recipes

The mistake many make when making a cup of drip coffee is to eyeball the water-to-ground ratio. I suspect that is the reason why drip is considered inferior to a professionally made espresso – it’s all about not taking that extra minute to measure everything out properly. A good coffee maker – and you really want to live the Bonavita life – will do the rest. The process couldn’t be much simpler:


Bonavita coffee maker


For this example, we’ll go with eight cups (which is more like four cups if you use diner mugs):

  1. Grind 65 grams of beans on the 18 setting.
  2. Pour water into the maker until it hits the 8-cup line. Right around 1,300 milliliters.
  3. Add the grounds to the filter and click the start button. Away it goes. (Should your maker insist on a temperature, the industry standard is 198°-205° F.)

And that’s it, a cup of coffee that vastly elevates what one would expect from drip!

There are many fancy types of coffee cups out there, but for a Better Taster™, the diner mug is the way to go. It keeps the coffee warm, is solid in your hand, and exudes an old-school cool.

- Remi,