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Due Cucina

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A wise man – me, most likely – once said the best dish to judge an Italian restaurant by is their spaghetti. It’s the most basic of pasta, often relegated to a second tier. Find a spot that gets spaghetti right, and chances are you have found a serious Italian restaurant.

Enter Due Cucina. This is a spot with a serious pedigree, where owners Davide Macchi and Filippo Fiori both hail from Tuscany. The pair bases dishes on recipes passed down through generations. As far as Italian cuisine goes, you can’t get a whole lot more authentic than Due.


Which is to say, the spaghetti is spot-on. It’s thick, al dente, and has a flavor that holds up beyond the sauce it’s coated in. The fact that it didn’t get soggy after the drive from the restaurant – take-home is the fact of life during these times, alas – validates the substance of the pasta.

Not that the amatriciana sauce didn’t play its part. The tomatoes added a kick of zest to go with the pecorino’s more robust flavor, making for a restrained, harmonious base. The sauce wasn’t as showy as many reds tend to be, but rather a stately part of a larger picture. The pork cheeks, too, added to the dish instead of elbowing its way to the front.

Outside of the spaghetti and amatriciana, Due holds the same high standard. Add burrata – a cheese similar to mozzarella – as a companion to the main dish for some freshness, and a tiramisu for dessert, and you’ll end up with a highly satisfying meal. The latter, in particular, should be commended for not being too heavy. It’s always good to go out on a lighter note.

In many ways, the meal reminded me of something we once had in Venice – and I will spare you a lecture on how that city’s food scene is better than it is given credit for. Due does Italian well. Excellently, in fact. We might live in a locked-down world, but that’s not a reason not to live our best selves. Duo will help you get there, so give them the love they deserve.

- Remi,

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412 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102

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