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Fredagstacoen – The Friday Taco

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Norway loves its taco. This might come as somewhat of a surprise to those who associate the country’s cuisine solely with lutefisk and lefse, but here we are, and so is life. The taco – or an appropriated offshoot of it – has become a part of Norwegian culture: Fredagstacoen (The Friday Taco), is Norway’s third most popular dish after pasta and pizza.

A Norwegian taco Sale on taco kits
To the right: Norwegian grocery store sign advertising 1/2 price taco accoutrements from Old El Paso, every Friday and Saturday.

Fredagstacoen is, as one would assume, enjoyed on Fridays. Sure, you could make it on Thursdays or Saturdays, but that really is rather philistine. Friday Tacos are for Fridays, that’s just how it is.

But, is this dish something you can even prepare outside of Norway? Yes. Kind of.

See, Fredagstacoen is more of a facsimile of the Americanized grocery-store taco – hard shells, ground beef, all of that – than the traditional Mexican variety. And while both share similarities, there are some curveballs to be aware of. Follow this recipe, and you can get well within the proximity of a Friday evening of Norwegian proportions:

The predictable part
Things take a turn
Where it gets tricky
The Tortillaing™

Shell; meat; cheese; lettuce; corn; cucumber; red pepper; sour cream; salsa. A pretty predictable assembly.

Pair with a Solo. You can find this Norwegian Friday staple at Scandinavian Specialties. It’s an orange soda, and uniquely so, though I suppose a Fanta will do in a pinch.

Fun Norway-taco fact!

The first grocery store to sell taco ingredients in Norway was in Stavanger during the oil rush of the late sixties. Apparently, your regular Norwegian fishballs and fårikål would not do for the American oil tycoons. Read the full story at NRK, provided you know Norwegian.

- Remi,