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Old School Pizzeria

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If traveling sixty miles for a pizza is a crime, then crime really does pay.

Olympia has a rather impressive pizza scene for being a relatively small town. Wicked Pies’ Twin Peaks-themed pizzas are always unique, and Vic’s vegan surprise is better than any no-cheese, meat-free pizza has any business being. Both are right up there with some of Seattle’s best offerings. Our favorite spot Old School, which serves New York-style pies with a dash of Olympia eccentricity.

A 50/50 pie The north-side mural

As often is the case with good pizza, Old School is all about the crust, one which successfully passes our three-point checklist:

Criteria Met?
Does the crust have an outer crunch?
Is its center soft and chewy?
Could it be eaten by itself sans toppings?

A slam dunk, and I truly would be satisfied simply grabbing the crust with a side or marinara and call it a day. It isn’t merely a vessel for the toppings, as much as it is a fully-featured player.

Not that you should forgo the toppings – everything from meats to vegetables to cheese tastes fresh. Add a side of garlic knots – soft, doughy, and with a friendly, gentle kick to them – and you got yourself a carb-based feast worthy of a bon vivant.

Jail us if going to Olympia for a pizza is a crime, then. For our money, it would easily be worth it.

I never thought I would recommend a broccoli-based pie, but here we are: The Al Green is only available on Wednesdays in limited supplies. It sits high on our Ultimate Pizza list.

- Remi,

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108 Franklin St NE, Olympia, WA 98501

Phone: 360-786-9640

Web: Visit website

Facebook: The-Old-School-Pizzeria-113504908684126

Instagram: @old_schoolpizzeria