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Remia Sauce

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Sometime over the last few years, my Instagram account – remia, set to private, natch – started getting tagged in food-related photos from the Netherlands. A quick search revealed why: Remia is a sauce manufacturer, seemingly specializing in the French-fries variety. Always a party! exclaims the website, which, let’s face it, has to be true.

It’s easy to track down Remia in the US, too, and a two-pack of Classic Frite Sauce Fritessaus – their words, not mine – and Curry Gewurts will set you back $15, bamboo spreader included. Is it worth the price? I suppose it depends on your perspective. If you’re OK with spending on a bamboo spreader, then it’s hard to fault one that proclaims Spice of Life. Should you be in the market for some good sauces, however, you probably should look elsewhere.

The Remia sauces

Here’s the thing: As far as being a classic frite sauce fritessaus, this is more of congealed sugar than it is mayo. It looks like mayo, it… Well, it doesn’t actually smell like it, even though I am pretty sure it sits at its base. Instead, the scent is reminiscent of someone getting sick after a spoonful too many of Kraft Mayo. Eat too much of this classic frite sauce fritessaus, and I suspect your experience will be similar.

I didn’t have the fortitude to use the Curry Gewurtz as a fry sauce but rather tried it on a hot dog. I would be lying if I said it was life-altering, but it was still on par with any grocery-store grade ketchup. No one would accuse it of being spicy, mind you.

I have come to terms with the Instagram-tagging being part of my life now, baffling as all these Remia-based recipes are. Maybe I’m not supposed to get it. The Dutch are a weird and (presumably) wonderful people, and who am I to argue with their indulgence of sickeningly sweet sauces?

- Remi,

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