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Sweeto Burrito

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Sweeto Burrito is ostensibly a chain. I say ostensibly, as thirteen locations don’t exactly make it the Bell, but I feel it’s worth mentioning all the same. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with chains, of course, but we should all know the type of spots we patronize.


We sampled a Smokehouse burrito during our recent Spokane reconnaissance mission, and I gotta say… Not too shabby. Solid. Tasty. Flavorful. Surprisingly excellent, even.

Baked goods
Hey, you try to take a good photo of a burrito from your car.

It came down to the smoked chicken, which is often dry and flavorless at non-specialized barbecue joints. That will kill the burrito experience dead on arrival, but Sweeto’s kinda nailed it. A proper chew with just a slight kick made for a legit protein-first experience. Get that right, and you’re well on your way to a successful wrap.

The zesty cilantro ranch sauce helped offset the one-two punch of chicken and bacon – well within Sweeto’s Lucha libre theme – which came flanked by onion rings and hot chedda. I don’t exactly know what the latter is, though I’ll wager a guess that it’s an annoying moniker for cheese sauce. (The extras on the menu are called XTRAs, so there is a precedent here.)

That aside, I really don’t have any complaints about Sweeto. They know how to assemble a solid burrito. Life-changing? Maybe not, but as far as a drive-through goes, I’d rank it high on the list.

- Remi,

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1839 N Ruby St, Spokane, WA 99207

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Twitter: @sweetoburritous

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