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The Ladder Coffee and Rind and Wheat Twofer

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We hit Spokane’s Dormitory building, right on the border of downtown and Browne’s Addition, with its elevated bakery/coffee-shop twofer.

Rind And Wheat

Baked goods

It’s a small space, but they make the most of it. Rind And Wheat is the type of hyperfocused bakery we can get behind, where the selection is simple yet always fresh. That may sound a baseline to be expected, but many spots that label themselves bakeries aren’t true bakeries. Rather, they get goods baked en masse from central locations, and the quality suffers accordingly.

Rind And Wheat is somewhere you likely have to get there early if you want your pick; it’s a popular place. Their signature bread is the focaccia, and you owe yourself to try it. The crumb is beautifully soft, inside a crust that has just the right chew. It’s not a fancy bread, nor should it be. Instead, the smattering of herbs plays a supporting role in the bake, making a great bread.

There often seem to be good focaccia specials, but nothing beats the basics. A simple bread is one of the good things in life.

Too, the sweets, be it financiers or Danishes, universally are up to snuff. The common thread is a profile that’s not too sweet, mixed in with highfalutin fruits, jams, and chocolates throughout.

It’s always a bit disingenuous to call a bakery European style – Europe is a big continent – but in Rind And Wheat’s case, it seems appropriate. They have also recently added a cheese shop, making the small space crowded with awesomeness.

Ladder Coffee

Ladder has grown to four locations over the past few years, and their success is deserved. During our visits, the Dormitory-spot baristi have nailed the purer coffee drinks like Americanos.

Possibly more impressive are their seasonals and specials, insofar sweetened coffees can ever equal the basics. The fact that the drinks aren’t overly syrupy is an achievement itself, and here you can actually taste distinct flavors.

The beans are roasted on the medium to lighter side and are of the single-origin variety. I’m not going to go into a whole cupping thing, so suffices to say it’s all quality.

I’d recommend the space itself, too, but as we’re still in these COVID times, I’ll hold off until we’re all good and vaccinated. It was a good space, and surely it will be again.

For now, grab a coffee from Ladder and some baked goods from Rind And Wheat for a patently good twofer.

- Remi,

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1516 W Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

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